Is there a French Wine Future?

Posted on November 19, 2015

France has been in the news quite a bit lately.

The unfortunate reality that the French and many in Europe find themselves  today is that Muslims, especially  Radical Muslims  are slowly but surely moving in and taking over. This has been going on for quite some time. It is not only a result of events in Syria , Iraq and other Arab areas. It is also a result of what I call “Migration Terrorism”.  That is , Radical Muslims from the Middle East have migrated to Europe and brought with them their extreme and radical philosophies and customs. These migrants do not fit in with classic French and/or European cultures. Instead of adapting to their new and welcoming environment as previous immigrants have done, they attempt to continue their lives in the same manner as they had in their previous abodes.

And where they do not “fit in”, they strive to dominate. They demand that their new Host Countries change to their lifestyles. They do not leave room for anyone else. The Muslim religion has always been one of domination of others. Even in Muslim countries where minority religions were tolerated, Non Muslims  were always treated as “dhmini” (second class citizens. ). It is that sense of religious and cultural superiority  and domination that the new migrants have brought with them to Europe. They continue to educate and raise their children in this manner. They refuse to join the existing cultures.

Domination is the key!

What does this have to say to the future of French Wine?

Most wine connoisseurs would agree that France is the epitome of Wine Culture in the world. Some would go so far as to say that if not for France, the world would not be drinking wine!

It is common knowledge that French men drink at least 2 or more  cups of wine per day, while  women drink at least 1 cup per day. Wine is a predominant part of the French Culture and economy.

This wine culture is anathema to Muslims.  The Muslim religion forbids it’s followers to  drink wine. The Imams and other muslim leaders constantly preach and remind muslims not to drink wine.

As the muslim migrants continue to grow and dominate, an entire wine producing industry could be wiped out!

Am I exaggerating? Could this really happen????

Already there is a conflict brewing………..

ON Nov 10,2015 the staff of the Jerusalem Post posted the following news item:

Champagne on ice: Iran declines French state dinner invitation over alcohol”

“Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is set to miss out on the Elysee’s fine dining, after his delegation insisted that no wine be served at the state dinner proposed in his honor.

Rouhani will become the first Iranian President to visit Europe in a decade when he lands in Italy on Saturday, before continuing to France on November 16.

As an alternative, the Elysee proposed for Rouhani to sit with French premier Hollande over breakfast, a meal not often accompanied by alcohol. However, the Iranians dismissed the idea as “too cheap,” according to French outlet RTL.

With a Halal, alcohol-free dinner the only remaining option, the French, apparently unwilling to forgo their traditions, which are decidedly not in keeping with Halal or sobriety, cancelled the proposal.”

(Posted at; 11/2015)

We have seen this phenomena before in history. You may not be aware but in ancient times ISRAEL , specifically  the region of Judea, was the cradle of wine cultivation.

Grapevines  were first known  and cultivated in the areas of ancient Georgia. The regions of Turkey and Iran were filled with grapes used in the production of wine. The Bible has numerous stories involving vineyards. As soon as the Flood is over and Noah is on dry land, the first thing he does is plant a vineyard. Grape vines had been brought over from Georgia by the Phoenicians  and cultivated in Israel.

From Biblical times through the 2nd Temple period, the Judean Region was the capital of wine  cultivation.The wines produced from the grapes cultivated here were so good that King Herod exported the wines to Rome. He had a tremendous wine export business and drank much of the wine here as well.

Wine production and consumption in Israel continued  thru the Byzantine period. However with the rise of Islam and the early Arab conquests  of the Middle East, drinking wine was forbidden . From this point on, grapes could only be cultivated  for eating, not for producing wine.  An entire industry of wine cultivation and production was destroyed.

Fortunately for the French, King Herod had already exported wine and grape vines from the Judean Hills to Europe. Thus, when the Arabs forbid the growing of wine cultures in Israel, the French were able to plant these Judean Vines in France. The French became experts in knowing how to design and plant the vineyards which enabled them to develop their signature, regional wines. While the French continued to develop their wine culture, the people of Israel could only watch from afar, as they were only allowed to grow table grapes!

With the decline of the Islamic empire and the rise of secular Islam in Turkey, the rule of Muslim religious law diminished . Secularism had now become the dominant culture in Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Although religious muslims could not drink wine, they were now allowed to grow grapes and produce wine  for others.

In the 1880’s Baron Rothschild was able to bring grape  vines from France to Israel for planting and cultivation. The vines that he brought from France, were able to adapt and acclimate to the terroir and climate in Israel.  The vines had returned to Judea. It’s as if they never left!

Thus starts the renewal of Israel’s wine cultivation and production. Today Israel produces top quality wines, able to compete with French and other wines from all over the world.

Will the rise of Radical Islam conflict with the French Wine Culture? Will the Radical leaders of Islam attempt to dominate and destroy the French wine culture as it had in Israel?

Although I prefer Israeli wines..I sincerely hope not.

I fear for the future of French wine…….

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