Q: How long is a day of touring?
A: Up to 9 hrs.

Q: Are there any 1/2 or partial days?
A: No. Once I devote a touring day to a specific client; I will not give a portion of this day to someone else.

Q: What If I (the client) want a shorter day?
A: Every tour has some days that are longer, some that are shorter. If you wish to end the touring day earlier, that’s fine. You will still be charged for the full days’ tour.

Q: Can I share the tour with someone else?
A: The tour is a “PRIVATE” tour , created for you and your family/friends. I will not share YOUR tour with strangers.

Q: How far can we travel on a touring day?
A: The industry standard is a maximum of 200 kms per day.

Q: What if we tour with you for more than 1 day?
A: Travel mileage is cumulative for the entire tour.

Q: Is there a charge for over-mileage?
A: Yes. Over-mileage charge of $.80 per km will be charged if the tour runs over a cumulative distance greater than 200 kms per day.

Q: What if the touring day lasts longer than 9 hrs?
A: Overtime fees of $50.00 per hr will be applied from the 10th hr

Q: What does your daily rate include?
A: Planning, guiding, transportation in my deluxe air conditioned/heated large van along with flexibility, patience, and a good sense of humor!

Q: How many passengers does your van hold?
A: 8  plus me (your driver).

Q: Is there an extra charge for luggage handling?
A: No, but I would appreciate your help!

Q: Do we pay for your meals?
A: You are responsible for all my meals as we travel together.

Q: Do we pay for your hotel?
A: Yes, when we stay out of the Jerusalem area.

Q: Can you make hotel reservations for us?
A: Yes. I am associated with a Jerusalem based tour operator.

Q: Whom do we pay for the hotel arrangements?
A: You will pay the tour operator separately.

Q: How do we reserve a tour with you?
A: A  Credit Card  guarantee and deposit  is required.

Q: How do we pay for the tour?
A: Full payment is due at the end of the 1st day of touring.

Q: What form of payment is acceptable?
A: I accept cash and /or checks. NO credit cards

Q: How do we pay for entrance fees?
A: Most sites accept Visa/Mastercard or Cash.

Q: Do we pay entrance fees as we tour, or in advance?
A: You can pay as we tour.

Q: Will we need cash during the tour?
A: Yes, although most sites accept credit cards, some do not. You will also need cash for snacks.

Q: How much cash will we need?
A: Plan on a minimum of $15-$20 per person per day

Q: Where can we change money?
A: Most major cities offer “Change” centers for converting cash or checks; as well as ATM machines for withdrawals using a credit/debit card.

** Make sure to keep your PIN number handy

Q: Will I need to carry my passport?
A: Yes. Israeli law requires you to carry your passport at all times.

Q: Do we need travel and or health insurance?
A: Yes, this is highly recommended. You are responsible for your own well being as well as for your personal belongings.

Q: Do you carry a gun?
A: No. I do not travel to any areas that are considered “unsafe”.

Q: What kind of clothing do we need?
A: Bring light, comfortable clothing for summer. Sweaters, jackets, and extra layers for winter.

Q: What special items will we need?
A: (summer) Bathing suits, hats, sandals, water clogs/shoe, sneakers. (winter) Sweaters, rain gear, closed shoes for hiking.

Q: Will we be able to buy these items as we tour?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we eat in your van?
A: I prefer not. The van is your “home” as we tour. I try to keep it as clean as possible.

Q: Will we stop to buy snacks along the way?
A: Yes. Usually there is a snack kiosk at most of our tour sites.

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