“This is the guy”  ***** by David L.

Although we are locals, we took a trip to the Golan Heights with David last week. You might think that Israel being a small country, that your sightseeing choices would be quite limited. In fact the true cost benefit of taking a private guide is that he can help you prioritize your personal interests and energy to tour, to your exact preferences, time, and cost budgets. David is that kind of guide. He is friendly, knowledgeable about the area, and can put together a plan for the very best use of your time. There is so much to see and you really want to have a pleasurable, comfortable and personal travelling experience. David covers all the bases, cultural, history, geography, religion, and great sightseeing. He really delivered the goods. As we were going on our trip he gave us several choices as to eating and sites available. He provides a comfortable new VW van. He always made sure that the sites were open and waiting happily to receive us. He was very happy to receive last minute requests from us to enhance our trip. In fact, the day after our trip with him, in a local national newspaper’s travel section, they recommended a Golan trip and David’s plan matched their suggestions on 3/4 sites (places that we as locals were not familiar with).

We have toured many places around the world and he is definitely a great find. We would strongly recommend David to our own friends and family to tour with.

David L. -visited Jan 2016



Shalom David,

Thank you for your note.  It was a memorable experience touring with  you.  The pace was perfect and you tended to all of our needs.  Our kids and ourselves ended up being fascinated by your broad knowledge of history and continued to discuss it throughout the trip.  I particularly appreciated your compassion at the Western Wall.  We will indeed recommend you on Trip Advisor and to anyone else who needs a guide.

Thank you again and Warm regards,


Jay S. Flocks, M.D.

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

UCSD School of Medicine

Sand Diego, CA

IMG_3353 April 16,2015

Amazing Day in and Around Haifa

How do you create a unique and memorable experience for a family who has been to Israel many times, whose 4 children have all experienced a year of living in Israel and who has a son who is an Israeli soldier? Call David Schoenfeld of course! David came up with several great options for our tour day. Each option was so great that it was hard to choose. We decided on a day in Haifa that was packed with so many activities, we couldn’t believe it! We started with a Tom Car ride through the Carmel mountains that was not only an adventure, but offered a spectacular view. Next stop was the Naval Museum (who doesn’t like to go in a real submarine?!) and a very spiritual experience at Elijah’s Cave. Note: This is a Holy site and although it wasn’t an issue, people might want to consider how they dress if they are planning on going. Next stop was the iconic overlook from the top op the Baha’i temple and then on to Nesher National park for a brief walk to the AMAZING suspension bridges. We ended with a delicious dinner. David has a great depth of knowledge – historical, religious, natural – which add a lot to any visit.

Mina Rush ,Los Angeles


April, 2005


Wow! David’s Dynamic Tours of Israel was exactly as advertised!!! What a Fantastic, Dynamic Private Tour!!! Your knowledge of history is incredible and really made everything come more to life and even more special. I cannot more highly recommend David’s Dynamic Tours of Israel!!!

Jordan Rush, Los Angeles,CA


Jan 8, 2015

Hi David!

We are back in FREEZING Michigan. Sad to be back. We loved every minute of our trip (other than when are kids were fighting). City of David was incredible and the Hanachat Tefillin was perfect.

We’ll be in touch,

Nancy Kleinfeldt


November , 2014

Our Time in Israel!…..

David was instrumental in making a very short visit to Israel a very profound experience for us. He arranged for us to join a tour to Masada and the Dead Sea on the Shabbot with a larger group pf tourists. And then he personally toured us through wine country, Ceaseria and Jerusalem including the Old City where he skillfully and in a very creative way helped us see it all and understand the history and as well as current affairs. He arranged for us to stay at a lovely hotel, the Inbal so that we didn’t need to drive back to Tel Aviv. He was fun to be with, extremely well informed, very patient with our hundreds of questions , and worked with our business schedule to make the most of our time and energy. We trusted his judgement about where to go and when, He paced our touring just right. We were very pleased. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends and others! Many thanks David. Pat and Bill

Bill P.
Arlington, MA


Nov 2014

Indeed David is a terrific tour guide.

Thanks  for the referral!

Pat Reid Pointe


July 28, 2014

Being my first trip to Israel David presented a fantastic understanding of the history of Israel to the modern era. I have to commend him on knowledge and patience. He’s the first call on my next trip

Neil G



Shalom David

Lovely to hear from you and thank you once again for getting us safely to Kibbutz Lavi.  We are all back in Cyprus now and enjoying some R & R and processing all that we heard and saw while on the trip.  The itinerary was very full and at times a little too hectic with not much time to absorb the experience, sadly not what I expected or hoped for.  It was, nonetheless, an experience of a lifetime and one we shall likely repeat in a couple of years but organising our own itinerary. In which case we shall be definitely in touch with you.

In the meantime, every blessing to you and your family.

Warm regards

Arthur Botham, UK


 Sept 3, 2013

In May 2013, we relied upon David Schoenfeld to squire us about on a one-day whirlwind.  Working with David in advance from the States was easy.   Our day was perfect.  It started promptly and included, among others, Masada, Ein Gedi, the Dead Sea, and – at our request – a stop for a camel ride!  As we were traveling in his van, David filled us with facts, insights, and perspectives into the places were visiting that really enhanced our understanding of what we were seeing.  His interest and passion shown through at every destination.  David was very sensitive to  the tourists’ needs, ensuring we had plenty of water, time to eat and rest, and shop!  We wish we had more time to have David show us “his Jerusalem,” but we only had time for one day together.  We can imagine returning to Israel to see places we didn’t get to.  Our first call will be to David.”

We’re also quite willing to serve as a reference if anyone wants to get in touch.  Email is always best

Have a sweet, healthy, and happy new year.

Harri Kramer and Russ Hogya



Aug 27, 2013

Dear David:

Our family would like to say a sincere “thank you” for your excellent work you did for us during the 20 days we spent with you in Israel. You took good care of us making our “Grand Tour” of Israel so memorable.

It was an excellent itinerary, always thinking about our kids and ourselves, caring for our needs in a very special way. You are an amazing tour guide; very professional, patient, honest and you also did a great job as a physiologist… helping with the anxieties of Me(Mom).

Your love for Israel is very evident and for that we admire you. Thank you for sharing all of these things with us, as well as your good sense of humor).
Each one of is had different expectations and we all came back extremely happy. This trip will be in our minds and in our hearts forever.

May the years ahead of bring great happiness to you and your beautiful Family!!
Hopefully we’ll see you in San Diego…..

Sincerely, with our hearts,
Ruben, Monica, Ari, Andrea


July 22, 2013

Jerusalem - Pantry Packers

We toured with David in early June, 2013 for a week.

We can’t say enough good things about hiring a tour guide and specifically hiring David Schoenfeld.

He made our trip memorable and catered to all of the different personalities within our family, making us all happy includin

 The loudmouth wife who wants to do nothing but talk and ask a million questions.

The introspective husband that wants to read his book and enjoy the quiet.

The little girl that loves beauty and art, but hates violence or boy stuff.

The little boy that loves fighting and wars, but hates art or anything girlie.

David managed to find activities that the entire family enjoyed and made ALL of us happy. (We’re still not sure how he did it).

We highly suggest you hire a tour guide if you visit Israel and even more highly suggest you hire David.

The Meltzer Family,

Marietta, Georgia USA



June 13, 2013

Hi David,
I wanted to write to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed our day with you! You helped us make the most of our one day in port during our cruise. Your knowledge and ability to bring history alive with anecdotes and stories taught us so much. It was one of the most interesting days of our journey. I must also say that you had a wonderful ability to anticipate our needs before we did! You suggested snacks, bathroom stops and rests right before we knew we were hungry or needed a break! I cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend you to anyone planning a trip to Israel. During our two week cruise we had several group tours and three private guides. You were, by far, the best! If we ever have the chance to return I know that we will use you again.
Warmest wishes,
Doug, Carolyn & Justin Orens

Doug Orens
Plaza Travel
Director of Marketing & Operations
16530 Ventura Bl, Suite 106
Encino, California 91436
(818) 990-4053
(818) 995-7157 Fax


Jan 6, 2013

Shalom, David,

We arrived home around 9am this morning, a bit tired but very sad that our time in Israel had come to an end. Even given our wicked head colds (which we hope you didn’t catch), we had an amazing time. In fact, I would call it more of an “experience of epic proportions.”After spending the past 10 days with you in Eretz Yisrael, we now have not only an understanding of our culture and heritage but a much deeper appreciation for the specialness of our Jewish state. Israel is most certainly an amazing, exotic and most wonderful place.  Having you show us this land, through your stories, narratives and vast historical and cultural knowledge was an incredible experience. Also, your enthusiasm, patience and flexibility truly made our trip unique for our family. From the start, you seemed to understand the type of trip we were looking for and successfully integrated the existing itinerary with many surprising extras that we really enjoyed.  You enabled our adventure to be one that we will never forget.

It would be our pleasure to recommend you on your website . Please reach out to us either by email or cell phone when you are in NY; we’d love to show you “our town!”

Again, thank you for everything you did for us these past 10 days, it was truly amazing, and best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy (American) new year!

All the best always,

The Kaufmans

Jan 6, 2013 

Hi David,

            As Ellen wrote to you, I, too, am sad  that our family trip to Israel in honor of Josh’s Bar Mitzvah  is over but we’re all full of great memories and a deeper understanding of how the Israel of today came to be. You know so much and did such a great job of sharing that knowledge with us.   You’re patient and really got to know how the Kaufmans “work” by allowing for the extra few minutes in the morning, for the many bathroom stops, for knowing when we needed the lunch break and for taking us to great falafel stops, chocolate shops and for Andy, wine tasting.   As a guide and as a “mensch” you’re terrific. I’m not high tech enough to do the testamonials on line, but word of mouth works well too for my friends and neighbors who may have Israel on their bucket list for themselves and families. 

 Shabbat Shalom.  And as we say here “See you in NY’NJ”

” Nana” Harriet



Oct 31, 2012
Hello David,
 Sorry it took so long to write this, but we have been very busy since we got home. 
                  I want to thank you for a great day (15 Oct. 2012). Rose and I could not be happier with the tour. You were prompted to pick us at the ship and I think one of the best parts of the day was just to meet you! You were not only professional but personable. I learned more about Israel that day than I think I could learn in 10 years. I have already been recommending you to others thinking about going on a similar cruise. 
                 I would strongly recommend that anyone taking a cruise to Israel contact you for a tour. The cost is about the same as the ship company will charge, but you get a whole lot more. Your tours are flexible, geared to the people taking the tour and a lot more fun!!! Rose and I took a ship sponsored tour the first time we were in Israel and were very disappointed. I am glad we found your website. When we come back to Israel, we will be contacting you again!!!!
                   David, please feel free to pass my email address onto anyone who would like a recommendation. I would be happy to do my best to answer all their questions.
Rose and I wish you well in the future and we look forward to seeing you again.
John Radank
Gal. 6:9


Sept 5, 2012

Dave:Thanks for the Birthday greeting.You will remember when we toured with you I thought I needed a wheel chair because i had Sprained my ankle.It turned out I actually tore a tendon.I just had surgery to replace the torn tendon and I am in a cast for 2 more months.

I am glad I didn’t know that what I thought was a sprain was really a torn tendon.If I had known that I probably would have canceled our Family trip which was truly one of the highlights of my life.Many thanks to you for making that trip so meaningful to all of us.

l’shonah tova

Edgar  Einhorn, Phila PA


July 17,2012

The Marcus Family

David Schoenfeld made our family trip to Israel the trip of a lifetime.  It takes many things to make a great guide, and David has them all.  He was able to explain the history, archeology, politics, religion, security, geography, and complexity of Israel in a way that made sense to our eleven year old, kept the interest of our thirteen year old, and caused our fifteen year old to tell us how proud she is to be a Jew.  The trip was fascinating and well paced, and was not a forced march to see as many sights per day as possible.  His guidance through Yad Vashem had just the right touch of fact and horror.  We lived very closely with David for 8 days, and he tolerated our family dynamics with humor and patience.

We are highly recommending David to our friends who plan to travel to Israel.  He is a terrific and highly professional guide whose stories help bring the land to life.  His dual American-Israeli citizenship allows him to bridge the American-Israeli cultural gap, and to make the experience enjoyable and personal.

David & Julie Marcus; West Newton, MA


FEb 15, 2012

The Gross family on tour in Jerusalem

Hi David,

I hope all is well with you . I am writing to thank you again for providing my family with a fantastic experience while we were in Israel. Your knowledge of the sites, the history, and the T’nach was exceptional. Your explanations, descriptions and stories really helped bring everything we saw to life as well as added a much more meaningful and deeper experience to our visit. We very much appreciated that you took the time to get to know us as a family and make suggestions to modify our itinerary for things that you felt would be more meaningful for our family or sometimes just more fun given our personalities.  We really enjoyed touring around Israel with you and will look forward to having you take us around to more places on our next visit. Please feel free to use us a reference as we would be happy to highly recommend you to anyone looking for a knowledgeable friendly tour guide.

 Kol HaKavod

 The Gross Family,

Ethan, Yael, Shaina, Jacob and Simcha Mendel

West Bloomfield, MI  


Jan 22, 2012

Touring with David Schoenfeld was a peak experience. He has a gift for placing the current in the context of Israel’s rich past, melding what you’re looking at with how it was and what it means. We travel all over the world, this was our first guide experience, and now we’re hooked. We particularly enjoyed his reverence for history, politics, nature, faith, culture, architecture and legends.  David is a personable guy…patient, energetic, take charge, and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone….just enough to make the trip one of the most memorable ever.  It was so well worth the investment.

Marty Weintraub
CEO, aimClear®
Twitter: @aimclear

218-727-4325: Office
218-310-2244: Mobile


The Krapf Family at Bet Shean

Jan 10, 2012

My family and I visited Israel From December 19-January 2. We arranged our vacation with a travel agent friend in our home town who planned our trip with Isram. Isram hired David Schonefeld as our guide.

David toured our family from the Israeli Border with Lebanon around the border of Syria, and Jordan. We stayed in Haifa, Sufat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

We found David to be knowledgable, courteous, friendly, and very helpful. He is someone we would like to be friends with.

Being a family of 5 with 8 large suitcases for an 18 day trip, David’s vehicle was roomy, clean and very comfortable.

We look forward to being in Israel soon and working with David. We highly recommend him.

Jack and Gail Krapf , Macon Georgia, 


Oct 14, 2011


We truly enjoyed our time with you.  It was informative, comprehensive, easy going, and fun.

Walking where people have walked for thousands of years is awe inspiring, but having you share your enthusiasm and knowledge of history brought a important context and perspective. You quickly picked up on what we liked and created a pace and itinerary that worked great for us.We’ll tell our friends and anyone who asks, that your’s is the first number they need to call.

Thanks again and when we come back, and we will come back, we’ll be back in your van!

David and Pam Julyan, Washington DC.,



Sept 6, 2011

Hi David,

I know I have your card somewhere, which probably has your direct email address–but I’m too harried to look for it at the moment, so I’m submitting this message to you via your website. Here we are back in Brooklyn, already caught up in work and back to school madness, but but our hearts are still in Israel. It seems almost impossible that we were just swimming in the Mediterranean and watching the residents of Tel Aviv stroll along the boardwalk. If it weren’t for the dust of ages all over our clothes, I’d think we were dreaming. We wanted to thank you for doing such a fine job of shepherding us around the country–you managed every detail of our trip so capably, but more than that, you taught us an immense amount about Israel’s ancient and modern history and politics. We had never traveled with a guide before and were ignorant of the value a talented one can provide. We didn’t just swim in the Dead Sea and climb Masada–any tourist can do the same–we grasped Israel’s soul, thanks to your patient and detailed response to every question we asked. You even got through to our 15-year-old son–he’s going to subscribe to an Israeli newspaper on line so he can keep up with current events. What an awakening.We are the richer for having spent the past 10 days in your company. Be well and we look forward to seeing you again when we return.

Lisa and Jonathan Sack , Brooklyn, NY, 


July 19,2011

David, Now that I am back in the office, it is hard to believe that it was only yesterday that I was on the Golan Heights looking across the border to Syria.  Thanks to your efforts, our family had a wonderful 10 days in Israel.  You listened closely to our request to combine traditional sight-seeing with teenage-oriented active experiences and created a great itinerary.  We were able to see the Western Wall and ride bikes through the Old City at midnight; explore the Beit  Guvrin caves and drive ATV’s across the Judean desert, visit the Hertzl museum and zip line across a deep ravine in the West Bank, and explore the Masada fortress and then swim in a natural desert oasis.  We all enjoyed your daily discussions of the history of Israel and its people.  You brought the country to life for us. We look forward to returning

Scott Smith Greenwich, CT


July 27,2011

David, Sorry for taking so long with this email I have been away in South Carolina playing baseball.  Thank you so much for a wonderful trip in Israel.  I truly enjoyed seeing the entire country.  The parts of the trip that really stood out for me were seeing the Old City in Jerusalem and all of its amazing history as well as the ATV trips.  For someone who is not really a sightseer you made an enormous difference in making everything more entertaining.  You really proved to me that Israel is much more than just Tel Aviv.  I hope you can use this email as a testimonial for your website. If not I will be happy to write you one. Shalom,Alex

Alex Smith, Greenwich, Ct  


Aug 3,2011
hey its sabrina, im at camp so this isn't my real email. i really enjoyed all the hands on stuff we did and how we went to different cites instead of just museams. and i also really enjoyed the audio-visuals that we went to. they were well done, informative, and interesting to watch. overall i had an amazing trip. thank you so much! sabrina ps my pants are a HUGE hit at camp - everyone wants a pair =]
Sabrina Smith,



July 10, 2011


Thanks for making our 2 week tour of Israel so special. Our group was first time and experienced visitors and you put together a tour that we all enjoyed. Your flexibility and assistance in planning our tour made all the difference. Your knowledge and insights were a welcome addition to the sights you took us to. I would happily recommend you to anyone interested in your services. PS I have attached a group shot from our last day in Jerusalem

Rob Einhorn Philadelphia Pennsylvania


July 7, 2011

David, we had a great time with you as our tour guide.  You were very knowledgeable and able to enlighten even those of us who thought we knew a lot about Israel.  We had a diverse age group from 12 – 80 years old, but you were able to keep us all entertained and involved.  You helped make our trip awesome and memorable!  Also, thanks for helping us out with our jewelry issue even after we’ve returned home.  We certainly would love to have you as our guide again if we are lucky enough to return to Israel.

The Handler family 


July 4, 2011

Dear David: You  probably will be getting Photos from our kids as we are not computer savvy enough to forward them to you. Thanks for making our trip so interesting and worthwhile. We were very appreciative of the fact that all of the kids, both big and little enjoyed you so much. Your guiding us make the trip exciting enjoyable and  significant

Edgar & Barbara Einhorn



March 8, 2011

My husband Marty and I spent almost two weeks with David in October, 2010.  I found him through a web search of Israeli guides and good fortune must have been shining down on us because he was the perfect choice and a perfect fit. We went to the usual tourist spots but even better we went to places we would have never known about on our own or with a large tour. The education we received was unbelievable. He was even able to put up with the many questions my husband threw at him on a regular basis. We never felt rushed with David even though on certain days the miles we had to put on even for tiny Israel were significant. It was wonderful to be with a person who loves Israel so much that he enjoyed the touring as much as we did. it was not work to him it is his love. David would often say wait I want to show you “one more thing”. We told David when he writes his book he should title it One More Thing. We are looking forward to a return to Israel and if David will put up with us again we will travel with him and continue our education of this most beautiful and significant country. 

Karen & Marty Shore Albuquerque, NM


Jan 30, 2011

Hi David. We are back in snowy New York. Just wanted to drop you a note to say how wonderful it was having you as a tour guide. The trips were fun and educational and you really made the history of Israel come to life. Your recommendations for trips to do on our own were perfect for all ages. Your easygoing personality made the traveling and touring so pleasant and fun. We hope to see you next time  we are privileged to come to Israel. Be well and thanks again. Fondly,

Rachel, Michael, Jacob and Sharona Fiskus 


Jan 13, 2011

Thank you again for an amazing day in the Old City! We all learned new things, despite having visited so many times. And for our first timer, Britney, she felt such an appreciation for the city and Israel, she can’t wait to come back! I would recommend you as a tour guide for business professionals and individuals as well as families. The kids still remember our Israel trip with great fondness due to the fun we had with you!

Marian Merritt 

We spend a wonderful time with David Shoenfeld. Not only does he have a wonderful in-depth knowledge of Israel but knows how to please his clients.  David went out of his way to make sure  we understood the historical and cultural aspects of our tour. We highly recommend that you consider him when making your plans to see Israel.  You will not be disappointed. Happy New Year!

Tom Vorenberg Dec 27, 2010

We are just back and wanted to thank you for two great days in Jerusalem and Masada. Pretty action packed and great that you could show us so many highlights. Having your van is a big plus for getting around.


Best regards, Susan and John Nov 1, 2010

Dear Dave, Sandy, Jackson and I assessed your expertise when we compared your wonderful, incisive explanations with other tour guides. Your knowledge of the subjects  including the historical  facts about the sites we visited was memorable!!! You brought us back to biblical times  especially the Masada  and the complete biography of King Herod.And you were always available to answer some tough questions. We loved seeing the old Synagogue!!!! Sandy and I recommend you highly!!! You would be perfect as a guide for groups of 4 or 6 adults!!!

Harold Stern Aug 3, 2010

Robin, Bilha, Brian, David, The entire Qunell family would like to thank you for everything you did to enable us to have an amazing, unforgettable, unbelievable family vacation this year.  The support you gave us before and during the trip was terrific, and really left us feeling that we were in good hands and need do nothing but relax and enjoy the ride. Special thanks to Brian for helping set this up and answering every last one of my questions.Special thanks to Robin and Bilha for their terrific ground support during the trip, helping us figure out all the last minute details with Petra plans and airport transfers.And Special thanks to David for being an incredible tour guide – kind, patient, and flexible – not always easy with our clan. It’s hard to believe we’re back, and the trip is actually over. I keep pouring over the pictures and feel that I can still feel the sand in my toes and smell the desert air.  Darren and I even went out for falafel yesterday. Thanks for a great experience.We look forward to our return.

Mimi Qunell July 19, 2010

Hi David, Thanks for writing. We had a great time with you. Thanks for helping make our trip so memorable. You and Rami were definitely hits with us.

Andrew Boltax July 14, 2010

Thank you so much for making our trip to Israel so memorable. The kids and I are still talking about it. We really appreciate all the hard work and planning that went into our trip. It was great how you engaged the kids and always thought of them. Hope you and your family are well. We will keep and touch and hopefully see you next year, G-D willing.

Amy Schiffman Boca Raton, Florida

This was our second time using David Schoenfeld as our tour guide and we have only fantastic things to say about him. We met David in 2000 after reading about him and Kids’ Jerusalem Adventures in a tour book. After meeting with him in LA, we decided to use him and were not disappointed!! Our first time touring with David, our group ranged in age from less than one year to adults in their 70’s. David impressed us with not only his knowledge of Israel, but with his patience in dealing with everyone in the group. We quickly understood that he was a man with a lot of patience and understanding. Through his guidance, he helped us plan a trip that was age appropriate for everyone. No one walked away disappointed. Without giving it a second thought, we decided to use David again as our tour guide this past summer. Once again, we weren’t disappointed. This time David did not only display his ability in helping plan a well thought out trip and of his patience and knowledge of Israel, but he proved himself over and over again to be a true friend. We left Israel this time not only richer in our experiences, but richer in knowing that we have made a new friend in him and his family. David Schoenfeld is an exceptional man. We would highly recommend David Schoenfeld as a tour guide. You will come away from your trip with wonderful memories and a friend. Ginny, Ben and Bailey Wind Steve Cohen San Antonio, Texas

David Schoenfeld made our two-week visit to Israel, one of the most meaningful and memorable family trips we’ve ever taken. Rather than feeling like tourists, we were made to feel like we were “home.” We saw many sites in unconventional ways. We wine tasted and prayed; climbed Ein Gedi accompanied by a flock of ibexes; took a jeep ride through and sampled fruits from the Hula valley. He tailored the trip to our liking and went out of his way to show us things that might be easily overlooked. We had seen Masada many times before, but never got a clearer understanding of what actually transpired there. Besides being knowledgeable, he was able to answer questions thoroughly. David has an easygoing temperament and is wonderful with children. Every where we went, people from all walks of life welcomed him warmly. It was really a pleasure to travel with and get to know such a special person. By the end of our trip we had more than just visited Israel – we had made a new friend.

Annie and Michael Lehmann West Bloomfield, Michigan

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