Day Tours

If you plan to spend a few days in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, Day Tours are the way to go!

  • Please review the Sample Itineraries shown here.
  • The  tours can be modified to fit multiple ages and different backgrounds.
  • You can combine sites and/or activities from multiple itineraries, as long as you stay within the same tour area.

Tours do not operate on Shabbat or Holidays

All itineraries are subject to change at anytime

Advance Reservation Required. Check out the Reservations Info page for pricing and Tour reservation.

Day Tours depart from Jerusalem.

Greater Jerusalem…

  1. Old City Area – History of the 1st and 2nd Temple period. City of David (Ir David), Warren’s Shaft, Davidson Museum and the Southern Wall excavations, Western Wall (Kotel) , Jewish Quarter area.
  2. Modern History (with a little fun)- famous landmarks commemorating the creation of our great state. Ammunition Hill, Mt Nebi Samuel, Gush Etzion, Haas Promenade, Avshalom Stalactite Cave .
  3. Judean Lowlands #1 – (challenging, historical, fun) – Tel Azeikah climb (Where David slew Goliath), Underground Cave Dwellers at Beit Guvrin, Latrun Tank Museum.
  4. Judean Lowlands #2 – (challenging, historical, fun) Kibbutz Kefar Etzion, Underground cave dwellers at Beit Guvrin, JNF Plant-A-Tree, Latrun Tank Museum
  5. South of Jerusalem – (exciting, military history, fun) Ayalon Secret Munitions Factory, Latrun Tank Museum, Stalactite cave
  6. Jerusalem Landmarks – (educational, historical) Herzl interactive Museum, Yad Vashem, Israel Museum, Jerusalem Viewpoints

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My tours are geared to both young and old alike. Each Tour day will be designed just for you! Hands on Experiences, creative site visits, mind -boggling tales, challenging discussions, all told while traveling through Israel with lots of patience and a dynamic sense of humor.
Flexibility, Attention to Detail, and Focus on you, the client, is what I do best!
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