Favorite Sites & Activities

Here you can read a few of my favorite places in Israel. When you book a tour with me make sure to let me know if you want to add any/all of these to your itinerary!

By Region:


De Karina Choclate

A family owned Boutique Chocolate Factory located in the Golan Hts ; where you can tour the factory AND make your own chocolates. A Great place to just relax and enjoy Chocolate!

Coffee Annan/Mt Bental

At one time the members of Kibbutz Merom Golan , near the border with Syria actually invited Koffee Annan, the former UN Secretary General, to join them at the top of Mt Bental (1200 meters high) for a cup of Coffee and a great view. His name in Hebrew means . “Coffee in a Cloud”. Although Koffee Annan never came, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch high above  the clouds at Mt Bental. Walk thru the trenches of this former Israeli Army post, hear the exciting stories and get a great view while looking out into Syria. Be sure to bring your Altmeter..as you will be on one of the highest mountains in Israel.



Mt Odem

Winery, ATV and Fruit picking in the Northern Golan Hts.

At 1200 meters (4000 ft) above Sea level, the air is always clean and crisp.

Here , you can ride a Self Drive ATV (license required), pick and eat cherries and berries (in season), and visit a unique boutique winery.

Quneitra Overlook

Stop here while touring in the Golan Hts for a safe look into Syria. See where the UN supervises the Cease Fire between Syria and Israel.Look out upon the beautiful fields that Israeli Kibbutzim have planted..right up to the border!

Ein Zivan Fruit Picking (seasonal)

Imagine picking fruit while looking over the nighbor’s yard..(actually..the next country)

The Berries, Cherries and other fruits along the border with Syria are ripe for Self Picking at different times of the year.

Merom Golan ATV trip in the Central Golan Hts

Drive a Seat Belted Ranger or “Trekteron”-All Terrain Vehicle thru the Central Golan Hts.

Drive thru the fields along the border, and thru the DMZ between Syria and Israel (Must have valid Drivers’ License).

The Scenery is always great.

Guided Jeep Trip into the Central, Southern Golan Hts.

A Guided Jeep Trip is a really great way to experience the Golan.

History, nature,riverbeds or waterfalls, and of course great stories heard from your guide who lives in the area. A fun activity for all!


Walk thru this National Park to see and hear the story of the ancient Jewish community that fought the Romans and protected Jerusalem…from far away!
See also some of the Eagles that call this area home.

Kazrin-Capital of the Golan Hts.

Visit the Capital of the Golan Hts.

Here you can experience “Magic Kazrin”- a movie about the Golan;
Visit a Micro Brewry and taste Golan Beer;

Tour and sample the great wines of the Golan Hts Winery;
Tour the Mei Eden Water Factory.

Walk thru the Kazrin Talmudic Park -from the time of the Mishna.



In the 1950’s the new govt. of Israel and it’s pioneers Drained the swamps of the Hula Valley, and turned the former swampland into beautiful,fertile farmland.

In the 1990’s the govt. realized that by draining the swamps, they inadvertently destroyed the “landing site” and “rest area” of thousands of birds that fly south(from Europe thru Israel to Africa) for the winter; as well as some of the grazing areas formerly where exotic animals (bison,Yaks) roamed

Today,a portion of this area has now been “Reswamped” .

A new lake-AGMON HULA has been created and turned into a beautiful reserve.

The Birds (Cranes,Geese,etc) and other animals have returned; and are there for you to SEE!
You can rent bikes,golf carts, and drive or ride around this reserve.

It’s great exercise, and lots of fun.

Banis Waterfall

Israel’s most famous and beautiful Waterfall. The Banias Waterfall has raging water year around.. It is an easy walk down the stairs to the Waterfall Platform, where you can view the Waterfall and take pictures..without getting wet!


You can take the longer route along the new Swinging Platform; thru the nature reserve.
Either route lead you to this most beautiful site!

Tel Dan Nature Reserve

Experience an easy walk thru the Tel Dan reserve. View the Gushing Waters that flow into the Jordan River. Take an easy walk thru the cold spring waters. Find your way to the Biblical Site of the Tribe of Dan. Continue thru the shaded pathways and find yourself near the former border between Syria,Lebanon and Israel.

A great place to enjoy the water and experience the history of the upper Galilee!


The Mystical city, where Kabbalah and ancient teachings come to life.

Walk thru the Old City where artists of all types invite you to see (and shop) their wares.

MICRO-CALIGRAPHY- is the specialty art of Zefat. Meet some of the artists who translate Biblical Stories into beautiful paintings. with microscopic print….all by hand!

Visit the ancient Synagogues, and learn why Zefat was chosen by the ARI as the place to introduce Kabbalah to the world. Be sure to visit the Candle Factory, where you can buy specialty candles as well as see the most unique wax sculptures…all designed around Biblical or Mystical themes!

River Rafting

Paddle a Kayak or Raft down the streams of the Hazbani or Jordan rivers.

A great activity for anyone, from ages 5 to adult. It’s easy to ride the stream…as long as you go downhill! At the end of the ride, leave time and energy for the Adventure Park, where you can Zip Line into the Water or climb walls and other energetic activities!


The Galilee and Golan Hts are filled with many wonderful wineries. Choose from the largest of Israel’s wineries to smaller boutique/specialty wineries. And you can even visit a winery that makes wine from Pomegranates! A visit to a winery is always a must on every tour…it adds flavor, vitality and excitement to your day! To Your Health!

Golani Infantry Museum

The Golani Infantry Brigade was the first “Brigade” of the Israeli army and has served and participated in every war that Israel has had to fight. As you walk thru the site, you will get a feeling and understanding what life is like for the Golani soldier. Young and Old like to walk thru the bunkers, climb onto the army vehicles , and experience the challenges faced by the Golani brigade. It’s the Coolest place to have an IDF Experience!

JNF Tree Planting- Lavi Forest

Plant a Tree has always been a fun “hands on” activity. Get your hands (and knees,if you want) dirty and actually plant a tree in the Galilee. Come again, and see if you can find the tree you planted.

Marzipan Musuem

Enjoy the taste of Marzipan? like working with your hands?

See the unique sculptures that can be made with Marzipan. Better yet, make your own sculpture or statue. If it’s good enough..it might even be put on display! (as long as you don’t eat what you make….)

Rosh Haniqra Grottos

At the northern coast of Israel, near the border with Lebanon sits this most interesting Geological phenomenon. Take the Cable Car down to the beach below. Walk thru the Grottos (caves) that were made by years and years of the wind and water pounding against the cliffs.

Listen ,watch and experience the force of the waves as the waters of the Mediterranean sea continue to pound the rock.


The city of Akko has so much to see and visit. Best known for the Crusader Halls, you can walk thru this ancient city with highlites from the Crusader period.

Be prepared to walk “Underground”, as you explore the Knights Halls, Templar Tunnel and more.

Akko Prisoner’s Musuem

During the pre 48 period, the British would jail anyone who they considered committed crimes “against the Crown”. This included many of the Irgun and Lehi “freedom fighters”.

The British used this formerly Turkish Prison to HANG those who were considered guilty of Capital Crimes

Walk thru the Prison Walls, and experience the history of this period.

The Tunisian Synagogue of Akko

Possibly the most beautiful Synagogue in the world. The entire building ,inside and out is covered with Mosaic Tiles. The Mosaics ,from floor to ceiling, in each room tell the story of the Jewish people from Biblical times through settlement in the Land of Israel,all the way till today.

Each room has it’s own unique mosaics, with special themes for each area.
As you walk into the courtyard, you are greeted with the Hatikva poem and the emblem of the State of Israel.

It is the only Synagogue that I know of which has the prayers for the State of Israel and the Welfare of our Soldiers high on it’s walls.

Beit Shearim Catacombs

During the 3rd and 4th centuries,this area was used primarily as a cemetery. In those days, people were buried in Stone Coffins (Sarcophagus) that were then placed in Burial Caves!

The huge caves were hewn into the rock, with plenty of room for many, many sarcophags.

As you walk thru these caves, you get a feeling for the history for the history of the period and for those lying in state. (don’t worry…no real dead people there today!)

Kfar Kedem

Ever wonder what life was like in the Mishnaic period? As you walk thru Kfar Kedem (“ancient village”), you will experience what life was like in the Galilee. Ancient Farming techniques, Making Pita, riding a donkey as well as a great meal will help you get a feeling for the lifestyle of the original villagers of the Galilee.


Known as the Capital of the Galilee, this site was home to many Jews who had moved Northwards after the destruction of the 2nd Temple. The city has many unique buildings,such as the house with the “Mona Lisa of the Galilee”, a market place with Amazons of the Nile, and a most beautiful Synagogue with a Zodiac mosaic.

A great place to walk and understand the life of the early villagers.

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