Multi Day Tours

On a Multi Day Tour, you will be able to experience the breadth and width of this great country!

The more days you have available,  means more fun and great memories  for all!

  • Please review the Sample Itineraries shown here.
  • The tours can be modified to fit multiple ages and different backgrounds.
  • You can combine sites and/or activities from multiple itineraries, as long as you stay within the same tour area.
  • Your final itinerary will depend on the number of tour days you wish to tour, the number of sites and activities you include in your tour, and your tour budget.

Tours do not operate on Shabbat or Holidays

All itineraries are subject to change at anytime

Advance Reservations Required. Check out the Reservations Info page for pricing and Tour reservation

9 day-Multi day Tour:

Coastal sites, Galilee, Golan Hts and Dead Sea in 9 days (with overnights in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Galilee and Dead Sea)

Day 1: Tel Aviv

Let’s start this tour with a visit to Independence Hall, where the State  of Israel was officially established. Then,driving through Tel Aviv, we visit the Diaspora Museum for a look into the Jewish World. On to the Palmach Museum where we will experience what it was like to be in the Palmach fighting unit that helped protect the early pioneers in Israel. We end the day with a walk around Yafo, the ancient port. O/n Tel Aviv

Day 2: Along the Coast

Leaving Tel Aviv  we drive through Netanya, a beautiful beach city.

We arrive to the modern pioneering settlement of Zichron Yaakov. Visit the 1st Aliyah Museum and learn about life in Israel for the early pioneers. We may also visit the Aaronson House/museum, where we will learn about the NILI (Nezach Yisrael Lo Yeshaker) spy ring which operated to get the Turks out of Israel and help bring in the British in the early 1900’s.

End  the day with a walk through the Rothchild Gardens. O/n Tel Aviv.

Day 3: Rehovot area and Tel Aviv

We head to the city of Rehovot just south of Tel Aviv. We will visit the Ayalon Munitions (“bullet”) Factory to learn about the underground bullet factory that was kept a secret from everyone (especially a “Giraffe”).

You can also visit the Weizman Institute, as well as the House of our 1st President, Dr Chaim Weizman.

Special Activity: Be a part of Project Leket. We’ll volunteer to help pick fruits and vegetables for the needy. O/n Tel Aviv

Day 4: Between Tel Aviv and Haifa

We leave Tel Aviv and drive  to Caeserea. Here we will view the Time Trek audio visual, and learn all about the  civilizations that occupied Caeserea (from Herod, to the Crusaders, till today!). We’ll walk  and explore ancient ruins,a Roman Aqueduct, and more. We’ll drive through modern Caeserea, and get a feel of what it’s like to live near an ancient wonder.

We continue to Atlit- the “illegal”immigrants camp where the British “detained illegals” who tried to get into Palestine in the 1940’s. We’ll board an “illegals’ “ship and relive their adventure  On the way  to Haifa  we may stop at the Castra Mall , to see the  the beautiful Biblical Art on the Dome Ceiling and the “doll (puppet) museum of Biblical and Jewish History. O/n  Haifa

Day 5: The Upper Galilee (west coast)

We start with an Overlook of the Bahai Gardens and Haifa from the Carmel viewpoint. Then on to Akko. We will walk  through the Ancient Citadel and visit the  cells of the Jewish Prison of Akko. While in Akko, we may also visit the Tunisian Synagogue with its’ beautiful Mosaics of the Jewish people.

Passing the  Akko Aqueduct  we will visit the Ghetto Fighters Museum at Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot. Continue up the coast to the Grottos (caves) at Rosh Hanikra near the border with Lebanon. O/n Haifa

Day 6: Zefat and Upper Galilee (central)

Let’s spend  the morning exploring Zefat by foot. Visit  the Synagogues of Rabbi Yosef Karo and the Ari Ashkenazi , as well as the Candle Factory. Meet various artists, and artisans.

Northward to  Kriyat Shemona  and then on to the nature reserve at Tel Dan.

On to the Agmon Hula Lake for a quick Golf Cart or Bike Ride around the new and exciting  swamps of the Hula lake. O/n Galilee

Day 7: Golan Hts

Driving around the North Shore of the Kinneret (sea of Galilee), we stop at Nof Ginosaar, for a look at a 2000 yr old boat found on the shores of the Galilee.

Climb up  the Golan Hts (by car) and stop for a viewpoint looking over the Kinneret. Then a short hike takes us to Gamla, where the Jews fought off the Roman Invaders – to protect Jerusalem!

Sample the chocolate of  the De Karina Chocolate Factory at Kibbutz En Zivan, on the Israel/Syrian border. Continue to  the lookout across from  Kuneitra. Drive to the top of Mt. Bental a former Israeli army post high above the border with Syria.

See the Magic of Kazrin and/or Visit the Golan Hts winery (Yarden, Gamla wines); the Golan Hts Micro Brewery  or the Olive Factory in Kazrin. O/n Galilee

Day 8: from Kinneret to the Dead Sea

Leaving the Galilee we  drive south along the eastern shore of the Kinneret. We stop at “Peace Island” , where 7 school girls were tragically shot by a Jordanian soldier. Continue to Old Gesher, where the train to Jordan once passed ;and where Pre-State leaders set up a major power station between two rivers.

Visit  the ruins of Bet Alpha, an ancient Synagogue. Drive through the Jordan Valley, on our way to  the Dead Sea for dinner and overnight. O/n Dead Sea

Day 9: Masada, Ein Gedi

Lets’ take  the cable car (or hike, if you prefer)   to the top of Masada. Explore  King Herods’ fortress and learn about the “last stand” of the Jewish “Zealots”.

Take a quick walk to see one of the waterfalls at the Ein Gedi reserve, or hike and swim in the cool waters if you prefer.See the Mosaic of the Ein Gedi Synagogue.

Leave time for a dip into the Mineral Waters of the Dead Sea and a visit to the Ahava factory. On to Jerusalem.

5 day Multi Day Tour

Jerusalem and Environs

Day 1: Jerusalem during the 2nd Temple Period

Start your  walk with an overview at Jaffa Gate. Continue thru the Armenian Quarter, the Cardo, and into the Jewish Quarter.Climb atop the roof of the Aish Hatorah building (Dan Center) for an amazing view of the Temple Mount.

Descend to the to the Western Wall, with time for prayer, reflection, and placing messages in the Wall. Men can even put on Tefillin if they wish! Explore the Southern Wall area and the Davidson Museum to learn about life during the 2nd Temple period.

Walk thru the Arab Market,with a  stop outside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher on our way back to Jaffa gate.

Option: Tour the Western Wall Tunnels. O/n Jerusalem

Day 2: Jerusalem during the 1st Temple Period

Relive ancient Jerusalem through the magic of 3-d . Explore the City of David, where Jerusalem began.Walk down the ancient steps of Warrens’ shaft to the lowest point of the Siloam Pool. Climb back to the future through the alleyways of the Ir David National Park.

Special Activity: Sift through rubble that was removed from the Temple Mt. See if you can find ancient artifacts from the Temple Ruins (sorry, we can’t keep any!)

End the day with a tremendous  viewpoint from the Mt of Olives! O/n Jerusalem

Day 3: The Reunification of Jerusalem and the 6 Day War

Drive to the top of Mt. Scopus for a view of Jerusalem, as if you were preparing for the battles in 1967. Then, on to Ammunition Hill  where we will explore the Trenches and have an “in depth experience” of the 6 day war!

We will also take  a drive to the top of Mt Nebi Samuel. An important site of the 6 day war as well as from the time of the prophet! O/n Jerusalem

Day 4: The “prophecy” that lead to the Creation of the State of Israel

Start with the Story of Theodore Herzl; a Multi Media presentation at  Mt Herzl.

Experience the life of Herzl, and understand his motivation in establishing a “homeland” for all Jews in Eretz Yisrael. While there, visit the gravesites of National Leaders and walk through the Jerusalem Military Cemetery.

Walk or drive to Yad Vashem; Israel’s memorial to the Shoah.

Visit the new museum, the Childrens’ memorial and the Valley of the Communities.

Need a change of pace after Yad Vashem? After a quick bite we can then  drive out to the Judean Hills and explore the Stalactite Cave. O/n Jerusalem

Day 5: Jerusalem environs to the south

Start your day with a view of Jerusalem from the Haas Promenade and/or the Nof Zion promenade looking out on Jerusalem from the South. See  the Sculpture of Tolerance. Drive through Har Homa, at the the southern end of the city, between Jerusalem and Bet Lehem. Leave Jerusalem Southwards,  to the Gush Ezion area.Visit  Kibbutz Kefar Ezion, where the major battle for Jerusalem in 1948 took place, and see the new neighborhood they are developing. Visit the Gush Ezion Winery and the Naot Shoe factory outlet store.

Drive through the West Bank Settlement of Efrat on our way back to Jerusalem.

Special Stop at Kever Rahel (Rachels’ tomb) along the road between Bet Lehem and Jerusalem.

4 day Multi Day Tour

Israel’s Southern areas….. (along the Dead Sea) (with overnights based at the Dead Sea and Mitzpeh Ramon)

Day 1 : Driving south along the Dead Sea…

Leaving Jerusalem, we head east and south. We start with a visit to Eretz Bereshit. Here we will get an “ancient ” welcome, along with a short camel ride. Continue south to Ein Gedi, where we will  hike to the waterfalls and see the ancient Bet Knesset. O/n Dead Sea

Day 2: Masada to Mizpe Ramon

Enjoy the morning with a swim or massage in your Dead Sea hotel. Then, we will take the Cable Car (or hike) to the top of Masada. Explore the ancient ruins, and experience the Heroic stories of the Jewish Revolt. Driving through the Judean desert and on to Mitzpeh Ramon, at  the  edge of the Machtesh Ramon. O/n Mitzpe Ramon

Day 3 : Explore the Depths of  Machtesh Ramon

Your choice of a 2 or 4 hr jeep trip into the Ramon Machtesh (Crater) with an expert jeep guide. Afterward, you can visit the Alpaca Farm, and/or the Hai Bar Nature reserve. O/n Mitzpe Ramon.

Day 4: From Mitzpe Ramon to Jerusalem

Hike to the waterfall at Ein Avdat, or visit the ruins of the Nabbatean city. Visit the Israel Air Force Museum at Hazerim. On  to Jerusalem.

Optional activities in Mitzpe Ramon: Horseback riding, rappelling, desert archery

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